Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video

The video of a beautiful wedding at Agriturismo i Cedri in the Lucca countryside with Silvia and Stephen

Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video

What a wonderful wedding for Silvia and Stephen, a beautiful day kissed by the Tuscan sun! This charming and elegant couple decided to celebrate their wedding in the heart of the hilly area located between the city of Lucca and the mountains of the renowned Garfagnana valley. The wedding ceremony in an enchanting village in the province of Lucca and the reception at Agriturismo I Cedri in Barga.

As soon as we arrive in San Cassiano di Controne (Bagni di Lucca), the venue of the wedding ceremony, I immediately look for the Church. I am well impressed, so perfect for an intimate wedding. Both the external facade and its interior are enchanting. I make several shots as I have time before the wedding ceremony.

Before the reception at Agriturismo i Cedri: 1. The wedding preparations

The future spouses get ready in two separate houses in this characteristic little village in the province of Lucca. Silvia is at her mother’s house who, as she is originally from the place. Her two bridesmaids are getting ready there too, as is her mother, father and the children who will accompany her to the altar. All pamper Silvia with lots of love and affection. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed but everyone is very excited about the upcoming wedding, especially the future bride, who is radiant with happiness.
Stephen is getting ready at a friend’s house not far from Silvia’s mother’s house. He is with his sister, brother-in-law and nephew. The latter, his best men. The ceremony is scheduled for 3pm. I shoot the preparations moving quickly between one house and another. Just before the ceremony, a bus turns up with the other relatives and friends, someone is coming from Agriturismo i Cedri. Stephen welcomes them. He’s wearing a classic tuxedo and is very elegant.

Agriturismo I Cedri wedding video Lucca - The church of the wedding ceremony

Above a frame took from the Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video: The chapel of the wedding ceremony

2. The Italian-style wedding ceremony

Silvia, who had already shown signs of excitement and emotion during the morning preparations, walks trembling along the streets of the town, towards the church. She’s accompanied by her father, her two bridesmaids and children. The bride looks amazing and during the journey the villagers, crowded along the road for the special occasion, cheer and clap hands at the bride and her followers. Meanwhile Stephen, who seems to be better concealing his emotions, is waiting for Silvia in the church in front of the altar. Everything will take place as in the best classic Italian tradition, it is in fact of Catholic rite. The ceremony is truly beautiful and moving. During the exchange of promises and rings, Silvia speaks in a broken voice, she is so emotional. Stephen reassuring her with such gentleness. Together they are so sweet and so strong, just a couple made in Heaven!

After a quick toast outside the church, the guests move to Agriturismo I Cedri in Barga, Lucca, where aperitifs and wedding reception will be held. To follow the entire wedding reception. In the meantime, we, the photographers and the newlyweds, capture fantastic images of the couple in breathtaking places along the way from the church to Barga. Read more below…

Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video. Shooting at Ponte della Maddalena, Lucca

In the photo above a frame from the “Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video”: The shooting with the the newlyweds before to reach Agriturismo i Cedri

3. Shooting and photos of the newlyweds in two of the most beautiful places in the province of Lucca.

The first location from the church to Agriturismo i Cedri in Barga is Passerella sul Lima in Bagni di Lucca. This little town is located in the stretch that connects the city of Lucca to Abetone. Enclosed in a valley between the Apennines and the Garfagnana and crossed by the Lima stream that descends forming little picturesque waterfalls. The village seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale!

The second location is Ponte della Maddalena near Borgo a Mozzano on the Serchio river called “Ponte del Diavolo” (The Devil’s Bridge) because of the shape of its highest arch. It is so big and unusual that it seems almost inhuman. It is a pearl of engineering and is the subject of many imaginative tales. We cannot help but make exceptional aerial shots with the drone while the spouses stand right at the highest point of the bridge. But it is time to move towards Agriturismo i Cedri for the wedding reception…

If you are going to celebrate your wedding in the surroundings of Lucca, you must not fail to stop in these two wonderful places for photographs and video!

The wedding reception at Agriturismo i Cedri in Barga, Lucca

Aperitifs, dinner and the after dinner party with music and dancing take place in the enchanting Agriturismo I Cedri. All surrounded by the incredible scenery of Barga, Lucca and the lush hills around. Barga is the most popular town of the Media Valle del Serchio. It is known as one of the “most beautiful villages of Italy.” During the dinner the guests can see the amazing Barga from the internal garden of the farmhouse.
Silvia is very relaxed now and is truly enjoying the party. During the speeches Stephen and his best men are really hilarious and the guests are very amused. Between the tables and the stage, where the musicians have been ready since the afternoon, the lawn is a natural dance floor. As always during a wedding reception at Agriturismo I Cedri.

Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video in the Lucca countryside. The view from the pool of Agriturismo I Cedri

In the picture above a view from the pool of Agriturismo I Cedri with the newlyweds

The first dance and the party

Silvia and Stephen are ready for the first dance and everyone surrounds them. Guty & Simone – The Italian wedding musicians and Djs, the famous Tuscan band hired by the newlyweds, play the first notes. The newlyweds dance to the music of a romantic song that they have personally chosen. As soon as the first dance ends, Guty and Simone start with their lively and fun repertoire giving life to a magical atmosphere as only they are capable of! The dance floor fills up and the dancing continues until the end of the evening. An incredible party!!

– Agriturismo i Cedri wedding video: a video filmed and edited by Tiziana Billi – Italian wedding videographers
– Live music and Dj set of the wedding day by Guty & Simone wedding band Tuscany

I am an award winning italian wedding videographer! see here

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