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Elopement in Tuscany, Villa di Geggiano wedding

Elopement in Tuscany Villa di Geggiano, Wedding elopement in Tuscany. A fairytale wedding, a romantic wedding elopement in Tuscany of two young people in love. Surely this is one of the most beautiful luxury elopements we have ever filmed in Italy. Only the spouses and nobody else – an enchanting young couple in a magical place like Villa Di Geggiano. Built in the 14th century, Villa di Geggiano was declared a National Heritage site for its remarkable beauty and was used as a set for the film “Stealing Beauty” by Bernardo Bertolucci, where Liv Tyler made her debut. The building was carefully restored and the decorations and frescoes are of high standard workmanship. Enclosed within the walls of the villa you can admire the well-kept Italian gardens. The Bandinelli family continues to manage the villa and the surrounding vineyards. While the bride is getting ready on the first floor of the villa, Cherie Spisso styles her hair and does her make-up. Then she puts on her wonderful Ines Di Santos dress called “Mimi”. She looks […]

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Tuscany wedding videography. English wedding at Villa Dievole, Tuscany

Tuscany wedding videography. Jo & Alex – English wedding at Villa Dievole, Siena, Tuscany A romantic and luxurious English wedding at Villa Dievole www.dievole.it, a beautiful villa near Siena. Dievole is an important wine farm which situated in the Chianti Classico area at Vagliagli, about 12 km north of Siena. The ancient Villa Dievole sits right inside the hamlet of Dievole which overlooking the valley offering a breathtaking view. Hospitality includes the historic Villa and some farmhouses. In total, Villa Dievole offers a total of 27 suites, apartments and double rooms spread across 5 houses. It was a pleasure to be able to shoot the video of this young and loving couple from London. They chose two separate venues, both close to Siena: Alex got ready for the big day in Castle of Spaltenna; Jo in Villa Dievole. For the celebration of their civil marriage they chose the wonderful Palazzo Pubblico in Piazza del Campo in Siena Shortly after the ceremony, they got into a shiny Rolls Royce which took them to Pontoni Certosa for […]

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Wedding videographer Florence, Castle of Vincigliata video

Wedding videographer Florence, Castle of Vincigliata wedding video Lauren and Andrew chose Florence because they wanted their wedding day to be unforgettable. But as if the impact left by so much history, art and beauty in their hearts, was not enough, after their wedding they even decided to give the same name of the incredible city to their first daughter, who they called Florence! The bride, Lauren, is a sunny girl with a sweet smile always ready to light up her beautiful face. Andrew, the groom, on the other hand, embodies the myth of the true English gentleman. Such a lovely couple! Perfect for a wedding video in Florence. The spouses got ready in the Hotel Villa Fiesole in Via Beato Angelico 35 in Fiesole. Afterwards, the wedding ceremony took place in Florence at the San Martino a Mensola church, located in the Northeastern side of Florence, on the border with the town of Fiesole. After the ceremony, the newlyweds, their guests and their Italian wedding videographer proceeded to the Castle of Vincigliata (Castello di […]

San Galgano wedding
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San Galgano wedding, a romantic country chic wedding in Tuscany

San Galgano wedding, a romantic country chic wedding in Tuscany San Galgano wedding. A romantic country chic wedding in Tuscany. The civil ceremony took place inside the fantastic open air Abbey of San Galgano with the bride and groom, Katie and David, accompanied to the altar by their beautiful little daughter Roux. The Abbey of San Galgano was a Cistercian Monastery built in the valley of the river Merse near the towns of Chiusdino and Monticiano, in the province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy. Today, the roofless walls of the 13th-century Abbey church still stand. This creates an incredible and unique atmosphere. Nearby there is the Montesiepi’s Round where you can also find the famous Saint Galgano’s sword in the rock. After the ceremony the spouses and their guests moved to Villa Podernovo, a very nice villa and holiday farm in Monticiano, only 7 km far from the Abbey. The whole day went very well despite the uncertain weather which slowly improved allowing the sun to color the beautiful Tuscan countryside for the sunset. After the […]

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Tuscany wedding video, Lucca, Villa le Molina

Tuscany wedding video, Lucca, Villa le Molina Tuscany wedding video in Lucca. A refined and elegant wedding in Tuscany. Andrea and Kenneth got ready in the heart of city of Lucca and then were married in a religious ceremony in the beautiful church of San Jacopo in Lupeta: a dainty church on a little hill near the town of San Jacopo in Vicopisano. From the very beginning and throughout the entire ceremony a light, which felt almost angelic, lit up the little church. Light is without doubt the key word of Andrea and Kenneth’s wedding: the whole day was under a magical glow, to be honest I could not tell if it was radiated by the sun or whether it emanated from the bride and groom! A couple in great harmony and balance. Andrea, as beautiful as the sun itself, was beaming. Kenneth a true gentleman. After the ceremony, Andrea, Kenneth and their guests moved to the reception area at Villa Le Molina, a charming and prestigious historical sixteenth century mansion in San Giuliano Terme. […]

Castello di Bibbione wedding
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Castello di Bibbione wedding, an elegant Castle in Chianti, Tuscany

Castello di Bibbione, wedding in Tuscany Castello di Bibbione wedding, a rustic and elegant Castle in Chianti, Tuscany. Dominique & James, wedding at Castello di Bibbione www.castellodibibbione.com Via Collina 66 – Loc. Montefridolfi, San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Florence). The Castle of Bibbione, erected by the Cadolingi of Montecascioli in the Chianti region, is a rustic and elegant venue that was very interesting to film. Shooting was entertaining for us as Dominique and James were so pleasant, available and natural, this made our day very enjoyable. The weather was predicted to be unstable. During the ceremony there was some fog but then, during the cocktail reception the weather gradually improved and it was possible to record some beautiful images. The dinner, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the dancing took place in the courtyard under a sky full of stars. The wedding photographer of the day was Jules. Castello di Bibbione wedding video by the Italian Wedding Videographer for Dominique & James. Contact us now! What we can do for you in […]

destination wedding videographers in Umbria. A glamorous wedding in Umbria
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A glamorous wedding in Umbria with Morgan & Bobby

Destination wedding videographers in Umbria Morgan & Bobby, wedding in Perugia and Marsciano, Umbria. The green heart of Italy. A glamorous wedding in Umbria with Morgan & Bobby from U.S.A. Bride and groom’s preparation at Hotel Brufani in Perugia, ceremony and reception in the beautiful Villas of Mimmina Lungarotti Treppaoli, Tenuta Lungarotti, Marsciano. Wedding video by the Italian wedding videographers, destination wedding videographers in Umbria. Hotel Brufani – Piazza Italia 12, Perugia, , Umbria, Italy Villa Lungarotti – Marsciano, Umbria, Italy – About us – Contact us here! Other video trailers you should see: – Elopement wedding in Tuscany, Villa di Geggiano – English wedding at Villa Dievole, Tuscany – Country chic wedding in San Galgano Tuscany – A wedding at Castello di Bibbione – Wedding video in Florence, Castle of Vincigliata video – Wedding in Lucca, Villa le Molina – Wedding video at Fattoria Tregole, Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany – A romantic wedding in the heart of Siena – Wedding at Tenuta Quadrifoglio, Gambassi Terme – wedding at Villa La Ferdinanda in Artimino Tuscany […]

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Wedding video at Fattoria Tregole, Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany

Tuscany wedding videographer at Fattoria Tregole, Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany. Tuscany wedding videographer at Fattoria Tregole, Castellina in Chianti, Tuscany. The video of a beautiful wedding that took place in the heart of Chianti, in the most authentic Tuscan countryside, in Castellina in Chianti, in the province of Siena. The newlywed couple, Gina and Robert, from America, were guests in the enchanting Fattoria Tregole together with their friends and relatives from the United States, over for the happy event. Fattoria Tregole, where the wedding preparations and later the wedding reception took place, is a beautiful winery and a romantic residence in the Sienese Chianti Classico. The beautiful and deeply in love couple married in a civil ceremony in a warm and sunny Tuscan morning. The ceremony took place in the beautiful location of the Archaeological Museum of Castellina in Chianti. Immediately after the newlyweds and their guests had lunch at the restaurant Taverna Squarcialupi situated right next to the municipal museum. After lunch the party decided to take a relaxing walk in the historical center […]

Artimino Tuscany wedding
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Artimino Tuscany wedding at Villa La Ferdinanda

Artimino Tuscany wedding, luxury wedding in Tuscany – Villa La Ferdinanda A luxurious and trendy wedding, that of Cora & John. The bride and groom, both from the beautiful land of Ireland, got ready in their suite at the Hotel La Paggeria, in an ancient village, two steps away from the party. The civil ceremony took place in the garden of the beautiful Villa La Ferdinanda, UNESCO world heritage site, in the heart of the most authentic Tuscany. A Wedding that combined beauty, taste, elegance and charm. A spectacular wedding video in Artimino: The July sun contributed to the excellent outcome of the event, giving a magical atmosphere during the aperitifs, especially at sunset when the dinner and speeches were held in the front garden of the villa La Ferdinanda, a natural balcony over the beautiful village of Artimino. This unforgettable day ended with lively music and group dances on behalf of the couple and their entertaining friends and relatives in the charming villa. Guty & Simone “The Italian wedding musicians” entertained the Irish newlyweds […]

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Videographer Tuscany – A romantic wedding in the heart of Siena

Videographer Tuscany – A romantic wedding video in the heart of Siena and Fattoria di Corsignano. A video of a wonderful wedding in Siena. Ceremony at Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, Piazza del Campo. Wedding reception at Fattoria di Corsignano in the nearby town of Castelnuovo Berardenga. Siena is a lovely location, even on rainy days like Sheree and Dominic’s wedding day. Actually, the rain managed to make Siena even more magical and mysterious! “Who is that young man who is waiting for his promised bride? Is it perhaps Prince William of England? I swear I heard these words from some passersby astonished by the resemblance of our spouse with the handsome Prince. Sheree’s beauty and grace did not go unnoticed either and the people who had decided to spend that day, almost by chance, in Piazza del Campo came accross these two English spouses and were touched by their innocence. After the exciting civil ceremony, Sheree and Dominc celebrated the event with their beloved at the splendid Fattoria di Corsignano in Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI). The […]