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 Destination wedding videography - Italian wedding videographer Tiziana Billi - TuscanyDestination wedding videography. Head of the wedding video team Italian wedding videographers is Tiziana Billi, videographer since 2001, pupil to the film director and film maker Pino Fernandez Solanas (Golden Bear for career – Berlin 2004). As well as the destination wedding videograpy and the production of advert videos and short artistic films for the cinema, Tiziana also worked in the field of company communication from 1999 to 2006 and opened her own advert agency, which deals with events, production of videos and reportages for both television and the web.

Over the years Tiziana has specialized in communication videos and has taken part in many courses of scenography and cinematographic film direction held by important masters in the field to increase her qualifications – and all this which brought her to the art of cinematic wedding videography.
Initially she produced short films and held courses herself for youngsters as part of both school and after school projects, making short films with the students. After that she held the role of executive producer in television productions and produced and took care of the scenography and direction of various television programs.

In more recent years Tiziana fell in love with wedding videography because of the possibility it gives, thanks to the full HD with high resolution and the use of high quality camera lenses, to make an actual film of the wedding. As an artistic choice she chose to create wedding videos using equipment of avant-guard, the same used in real film making, and destined now to wedding videograpy.
In December 2017 Tiziana won the Oscar for the category wedding videomaker at the Italian Wedding Oscars.

“The True Truth ” by Tiziana
“When in 2005 I took part in the course of film direction lead by Pino Fernandez Solanas I was particularly hit by those deep eyes which seemed to dig into your soul. Well, in my wedding videos, I aim to do just this, I try to capture the true truth, the little things that bind the couple, their most intimate and secret love. In other words not just a reconstruction of the event but a story made of glances, hugs, smiles and tears, gestures of affection which immortalised, will be a testimony of the love between bride and groom. A real film of the wedding day”.

Tiziana’s collaborators have years of experience in the field of destination wedding videography and have continued working as cameramen in international wedding videos, in the production of documentaries around the world and as operators in Italian national television.
The Italian wedding videographers have always been part of the world of wedding videograpy – they are well known and valued as Wedding videograpers in Tuscany and in all of Italy and they carry out wedding video services abroad too.

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Italian wedding videographers – Destination wedding videography – Cinematic wedding videographer from Italy

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