Wedding videographers in tuscany, Cortona countryside

Wedding videographers in tuscany – A wedding in Tuscany, Tuscan countryside near Cortona.
Amy and Simon wedding. The beautiful Tuscan countryside near Cortona, Tuscany, Italy. A video made by Italian wedding videographers.
Cortona was originally an Umbrian city. Then was conquered and enlarged by the Etruscans and called Curtun, a name probably related to a family of indoeuropean word meaning “enclosed place”. On the 7th century before Christ Cortona joined the Etruscan League. During the final stages of the Gothic War, Cortona was sacked and destroyed by Michael Pasquale a warrior whose mother was Macedonian and father was an Italian. The City became a Ghibellinian in the 13th century. From 1325 to 1409, the Ranieri-Casali family ruled the town successfully. After being conquered by Ladislaus of Naples in 1409, Cortona was sold to the Medici. And later following the Italian wars of Independence Cortona became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Read more about Cortona here
Italian wedding videographers: the Wedding videographers in Tuscany
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